Counter argument definition example essay

Apr 23, 2014  For example, if your thesis is that the sky is blue, a counter argument could argue that the sky isnt blue. Why would you present a counter argument?

Presenting a counter argument gives you an opportunity Counterargument definition, a contrasting, opposing, or refuting argument. See more. Sample Argument Essay# 5. Click Here to View Essay" Society Begins at Home" (PDF Document) Sample Argument Essay# 6. Click Here to View Essay" School Choice: An Unwise Option" (AGAINST) (PDF Document) Sample Argument Essay# 7. When you write an academic essay, you make an argument: you propose a thesis and offer some reasoning, using evidence, that suggests why the thesis is true.

When you counterargue, you consider a possible argument For example, in an essay about taxing sugary soda drinks, background information might include information on the growing number of people purchasing sodas, and the growing obesity epidemic. In my last post on this subject, I talked about using counterarguments in TOEFL Independent Writing. As I said before, a counterargument is an explanation of an argument the writer disagrees with.

The writer will acknowledge a Definition: discursive essay writing explores an issue using reasoned argument and then comes to a fitting conclusion based on looking at both sides of the argument. If you like, the first part of the essay will explore the pro argument and the second part explores the counter argument.

Definition of Counterargument A counterargument is a viewpoint that opposes your main argument. Counterarguments are part of good persuasive writing and speaking strategy because they show that A counterargument is an argument opposed to your thesis, or part of your thesis.

It expresses the view of a person who disagrees with your position. It expresses the view of a person who disagrees with your position.

Definition of Refutation. The literary term refutation refers to that part of an argument where a speaker or a writer encounters contradicting points of view.

Alternatively, refutation can be described as the negation of an argument, opinion, testimony, doctrine, or theory, through contradicting evidence. It normally constitutes a part of an essay Apr 13, 2007  Best Answer: Example. (Proargument) Global warming is a reality. I need an Counter argument definition example essay of a counterargument because Im a bit unsure of how to use them. I just need it to give me a rough idea of what they are. Counter argument is an essay has 2 stages, you turn against your argument to challenge it and tehn turn back For example, if a student is writing a persuasive essay in support of the death penalty, the counterargument may provide details about the ethical consequences and the increased cost of this option versus supporting a prisoner with a life sentence.