What god means to me essay

To me God means someone,a being who is much bigger and greater than me. A being so perfect and wonderful, who understands everything about everything else and who will never ever leave me alone and afraid. Sep 30, 2011  Order your What God Means to me paper at affordable prices with livepaperhelp. com! To me God is the essence of all that is God is the selfcreated Creator of all things, who is a person like you and me, the fount of love, the judge of human action and the refuge of all who suffer.

Camila Batmanghelidjh. My idea of God is when you are so diminished as an individual that in your nothingness you can participate in the whole. Who Is God To Me Personal Narrative Essay Who Is God To Me Personal Narrative" Who Is God To Me" God means many different things to many different people. There are a lot of people who believe that there is no such thing as a God. There are people who believe that there is no God because no one has ever seen him.

Sep 27, 2013  When we wake up in the morning me do not realize what god has given us. Everyday we are blind by our routinly habits. We do the same thing everyday. People dont realize what god is offering to us. I feel god in everyway. He is my conscience, my savior, and my world. What Jesus Means to Me Jesusperhaps the most discoursed name in history. He has transformed and influenced many lives including mine.

To some people, He was a prophet. To others He is a mere legend. To me, he is a father and a friend, but most of all, He is my Lord and Savior through justification, sanctification, and redemption. But I have three reasons that stand out for me about who God is to me. They are the following: God is always there for me, God is my friend, and God is my creator. These are my three most important reasons of who God is and what God means to me. God has never let me down in my life. Sometimes I feel that God has let me down or that He In my point of view, God is our own imagination; the existence of god creates a fine line between reality and fantasy.

To me, God is a word that can bring the feeling of being secured. Continue reading this essay Continue reading what god means to you Throughout history there has been evidence that all religions come from the same background.

Religion is a personal awareness of the existence of a supreme being who influences their lives