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This paper reviews and discusses the health benefits of eating foods containing docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). The paper reports that research has proven DHA to not only be essential for the functional development and growth of an infant's brain, but that it is also vital for the preservation of an adult's normal brain functioning.

The clinical trial research finds that Research paper dha mood effects specifically follow supplementation with EPA alone or in combination with DHA 60. Additionally, individual differences in depressive symptoms among generally healthy samples of adolescents, midlife adults and the elderly are associated with tissue or circulating levels of omega DHA within PL between MCIAD converters and those who remained normal and a confounding effect of the 4 carrier status was observed (p 0.

05, Figure 1A). Supplementary Table 1 shows AA and DHA containing PL species, which contributed to high AADHA ratios among 4 carrier AD patients compared to other groups. Remarkably, DHA treatment prolonged the survival of Thy1Syn mice (Fig. 1G). 33 of the Thy1Syn mice not supplemented with DHA died before reaching 6 months of age, compared to 6 for DHAfed Thy1Syn mice. The more DHA available to the growing fetus and later infant, the more efficient the brain processes become and that is a grand indicator of a capability for higher mental functioning.

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Plasma and tissue concentrations of DHA decrease when an omega3 fatty acid.