Here is a copy of my resume

Copy and paste your cover letter into the body of the email. Why is this the preferred method? Three reasons: 1) It gives the recipient one less attachment to open, 2) It gets to the point faster than writing the awkward" here is my resume and cover letter" mumbo jumbo, and 3) It gives you the ability to make an impact as soon as the recipient Please find attached my resume. While many jobseekers still rely on this old grammatical construction, it sounds foreign to modern ears.

Please find attached: my resume. This alternate construction tries to get around the formality of the first choice by adding a colon to the mix. My CVResume is enclosed to provide you with details of my skills and accomplishments, but I am certain that a personal interview would more fully reveal my desire and ability to contribute to your organization.

Please find my resume in the attachment. Please find my resume attached to this letter. Please have a look at the attached resume. My resume is attached for your consideration. I have attached my resume for your consideration. I have included my resume for your review. Dec 09, 2011 Dear Sir, I have attached my resume for your review in regards to the job opportunity.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Is this a correct format for sending a resume for a senior person. May 13, 2011  It would be politer and make more logical sense to begin with a statement of what you are doing. Dear xxxx With reference to the advertisement in xxxxx for a post in your company of xxxxx, I am interested in this post and would like to apply for it. I am attaching my resumecv for your information, and shall look forward to So you take a risk, once a human is looking at your resume, of being seen as trying to play the system.

Not good. 3. The Right Way to Write Your Resume. Instead of copying and pasting job descriptions in order to capture keywords, FIRST write your resume to highlight your accomplishments. Create the best document you can create. But here as your file doesn't have a 'file name' and assuming it's a general file, you can use" please find the attached file" But, Incase your file in itself is some kind of file whose name is" File" then you may well use the other phrase" please find attached the File" (remember to put a F as here your file name is File, which is a noun and a