Ssat upper level sample essay questions

The Upper Level SSAT is a multiplechoice test for students currently in grades 811 that consists of verbal, quantitative (math), and reading comprehension sections, plus an unscored writing sample. Familiarity with the format of the test and review of practice questions will make your testtaking experience easier. SSAT Essay Writing Sample 1 Home SSAT Test SSAT Writing SSAT Essay Samples Directions: Choose the essay topic appropriate to your exam and write an essay.

The SSAT is offered at two levels: Lower and Upper. Students currently in grades 57 take the Upper Level Test; students currently in grades 811 take the Lower Level Test. SSAT Test Format, Structure, and Question Types. The SSAT includes three main sections: verbal, quantitative, and reading. Writing Sample. 25 minutes (one Download a sample SSAT Middle Level and Upper Level exam into a printable format below. SSAT Writing (Essay) SSAT Essay Topics Over 1000 practice questions and drills.

Preview SSAT English Book (50 page sample) Purchase Book (418 pages) The SSAT Writing Sample is not scored. However, students taking the SSAT should do their best writing on the SSAT Writing Sample in order to give independent school admissions officers a sense for how well you write.

As soon as you begin the SSAT, you'll have 25 minutes to work on your writing sample. RobynSSAT on Upper Level SSAT Sample SSAT Practice Test Upper Level. Inform your parents and any other family members that you are beginning your SSAT practice test so that they do not interrupt you.

2. Go to a quiet place or room where there is a desk, a comfortable chair, and where you are Essay 1 question 25 minutes Break 5 minutes 25 questions 30 minutes Skills SSAT Middle Level is provided with a choice of two creative writing prompts SSAT Upper Level is provided with a choice of one creative writing prompt and one essay prompt The SSAT Writing section provides students with the opportunity to express themselves.

Though it is not graded, the SSAT essay is submitted to the admissions Upper Level Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) Practice Questions SSAT Test Strategy This test has two parts: an essay question, and a multiplechoice math questions.

The SSAT is a General Aptitude test which measures your ability to learn, rather than your knowledge. Brief Introduction to the SSAT Essay and a Sample Essay. The SSAT stands for the Secondary School Admission Test. It is a standardized test that is taken by those school students of USA who are planning to enter into private or independent schools across USA. Upper Level. The following sample prompts have been taken up Upper Level Essay The SSAT Upper Level Essay requires students to write either a short story or an essay in twentyfive minutes.

The essay The SSAT Essay The SSAT essay is the first part of the SSAT exam. You will be given a choice of two topics, one creative writing topic,