How to write rpm spec file

Aug 30, 2010 Re: How to write a spec file for rpm Marek Goldmann Aug 8, 2010 8: 32 AM ( in response to Younes Yahyaoui ) Fedora RPM guide is a great resource to understand the process of creating RPM's (detailed and fairly easy to understand, check especially chapters 8 and 9). Don't build as root, do something like this: yum install rpmbuild redhatrpmconfig rpmdevtools useradd rpmbuilder su rpmbuilder echo" timestamping on". wgetrc rpmdevsetuptree The vimcommon package also provides a template spec, but I would suggest downloading some srpm's and extracting them and looking at the specs they Making RPMs, part 4: Finishing the.

spec file In the fourth installment of his RPM series, Vincent will show you how to finish writing the. spec file and prepare for building the RPM I need to build one rpm package, that should be dependent on the installation of another rpm package. On my PC, the dependent package has been installed, with a name like abcd1425a.

x8664. I wrote my. spec file like following: SPECS This directory contains a single spec file for each package you want to build. SOURCES This directory contains tarballs, patch files or any other files used in the actual building of the package. BUILD When rpmbuild is untarring the source tarballs, it will create temporary its directories here.

If a particular build fails, then, youll find the This creates a new spec file called eject. spec in the rpmbuildSPECS directory. To specify a spec file template for a particular type of packages, refer to the contents of the etcrpmdevtools directory, which includes spec file templates called spectemplate