Sample of a business plan cover page

Create a cover page for your business plan With the Following layout and Format. Business Plan. Name of Company. Address of Company. City, State ZIP Code. Telephone Number. Complete this section after the rest of the business plan.

Simply highlight the most important aspects of the plan. Section II Mission, Goals and Dec 25, 2017 Ways to Write a Business Plan Cover Page Sample. Creating a strategy will help you gain your goals. Creating a strategy will help you gain your goals. Sample Great Business Plan Cover Sheet The Business Plan Cover Page should include your plan name, company name along with address, phone number, web site and email address Business Plan Cover Template So, at this point, your cover page may read as follows: John's Plumbing, Inc.

Business Plan January 2018 Note that the title and date should be featured less prominently than your company name. 4. Less is More The executive summary will summarize the contents of the business plan. There is no need for the cover to do so, as well. Providing critical information on your business plan cover page is about the most important thing for sparking the interest of prospective investors.

In fact, your cover page competes with hundreds of other documents, worksheets, phone calls, articles, and other information for the attention of prospective investors.