How to write a mental health assessment

Jerrold Pollak, PhD, works in the medical and forensic neuropsychology program at Seacoast Mental Health Center and the department of psychiatry at Exeter Hospital, both in Exeter, NH.

John J. Miller, MD, is a psychiatrist at Seacoast Mental Health Center and a consulting psychiatrist at Exeter Hospital. Report your observations of the patient's mental status during the assessment. If the patient seemed overly excited, withdrawn, excessively sad or exhibited any emotion that deviated from the norm during the assessment, describe it in your report. Oct 22, 2012 Mental health assessments (MHAs) are used for a number of situations, including criminal and family court cases; disability claims (workers compensation, veterans benefits, Social Security, the Public Employees' Retirement System), accident claims for companies, and evaluations in school settings.

And, second, she is sharing a simple way to insure that your assessments are complete. Its my pleasure to introduce you to Dr. Maelisa Hall. (If you are interested in writing a guest post, check out the guidelines here.

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