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Desiree Martinez's Puente Portfolio. Introduction Dedication 9th Grade 10th Grade Introduction Desiree Martinez Ms. Ha Puente English 2, Period 5 In paragraph 5 of the article, The Sociology of Leopard Man, by Logan Feys states, Why do so many millions of normal people suffer from.

debilitating conditions? Logan Feys discusses society and peer pressure in his article" The Sociology of Leopard Man". In his article he states that most of society conforms to the social norm.

He also states that most of the people who do outrageous things or dramatically change their appearance are simply seeking for attention. In the article, " The Sociology of Leopard Man"by Logan Feys uses Tom Leppard as an example of both a conformist and nonconformist person. Tom Leppard also known as Leopard Man, is tattooed from head to toe, but he does not live among society.

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The Sociology of Leopard Man Society try's to keep people from expressing their own ideas andor interests. In his article The Sociology of Leopard Man, Logan Feys argues that Living in society, we are under constant pressure to surrender our individuality to the will of the majority, the school, the workplace, the family, etc. (1). In the article The Sociology of Leopard Man, Logan Feys asserts that striving to fit in can be seen throughout society, but that does not make it a healthy pursuit.

Feys supports this assertion by giving the example of Tom Leppard aka Leopard Man; a person who does not desire to fit in to society but is completely happy with his life. The Sociology Of Leopard Man Sophia Laffoon Leopard Man Essay Do You Really Know a Leopard by His Spots Society sets personal and social boundaries that pressure and constrain people to abide by the normal status quo.

Should we strive our hardest to fit in and be" normal"or stray away from society to be ourselves? Leopard Man lives in seclusion and is covered in tattoos, Feys uses him as an example of an individual that does not care what the world thinks of him.

I agree almost completely agree with Feyss ideas about individuality.