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" 4 What Are The Contracting Cost At Ebay" Essays and Research Papers 4 What Are The Contracting Cost At Ebay deirektor: Don J. Donahju Konkurencija: amazon, Google, Overstock. com eBay is an online marketplace where both individuals and businesses can buy and sell goods and services to people around the world. EBay is the world's largest online auction. In late 1999, the service listed over 2, 000 categories of items from sports memorabilia to automobiles.

In total, eBay hosted more than 2. 5 million auctions a day. Sellers pay a few. Contracting cost can include bargaining and decision cost, bonding costs, monitoring costs, and outofpocket costs.

Some of eBays contracting cost are insurance costs, marketingadvertising costs, and website maintenance costs. b. The cost to eBay of advertising to let people know that it is trying to minimize contracting problems. c. The fees customers pay to list their items on eBay. d. The costs borne by eBay ONLY include the explicit costs of maintaining the programs described in Question 3, such as Feedback Forum and SafeHarbor.

Contracting costs include search and information costs, bargaining and decision costs, and drafting, policing, and enforcement costs. (Brickley, Smith, & Zimmerman, 2009 p. 79) Specifically, eBay's costs would be from product searches and normal advertisement costs. eBay also incurs a cost to provide insurance as well as maintain a buyerseller EBay has been very successful having a lean costs driven structure (EBay Project, 2013).

They operate with particularly no cost of goods sold since the listings are put up by customers. Transactions are paperless and listing fees are collected regardless of sale and therefore regardless of any completed sales cost (EBay Project, 2013). Find great deals on eBay for contract cost. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay: Signing the Contract, and What It Cost by Finley Martha Paperback Book See more like this. Signing the Contract and What It Cost by Martha Finley Ebay contracting cost essay Paperback Book.

Brand New. What are the contracting costs at eBay? Contracting costs can include information costs, bargaining and decision costs, and drafting, policing, and enforcement costs (Brickley, 2009). So, eBays one type of contracting costs is search cost Analyzing Managerial Decisions: eBay. com 1. How does eBay create value?

eBay creates value by bringing together buyers and sellers in online forum that enables people to buy and sell a wide variety of goods.